Dreams, Craving and Organising

[Dream]We were in a holiday home, sometimes the pfyn chalet. I tried to walk around but everywhere I wanted to go there were people or furniture, so it took me a long time and made me mad.
We were with another family with children. The father was Ronaldo the footballer.
We came home from a walk and Tippy was dirty. Dinah wanted to wash him in the bathroom but I convinced her to use the spare bathroom.
I was in that house before in my dreams. It is small and has lots of stairs and two bathrooms, orange tiles and wood.
I was in another house and wanted to rearrange my books in the living room which turned into my room. I gave it a lot of thought and tried a lot.
In the garden there were a cherry tree with only one ripe cherry and a lampion flower tree

Then I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth? There was a wall holder for an irrigator but the tube was missing. Somehow the water still sprayed into my mouth. I liked it but knew it was useless.  Barbara E./Ulrica gave us chocolate hooves with raspberry soles. They were hollow.

There was a whole crime thing going on. Amanda Knox/Nina E. was a leper, she was chased and was caught in the end. The woman who caught her tricked her into trusting her, then stuck a needle into her neck that sedated her. I felt for her and was angry that she was betrayed like this. This was on a grassy hill.

Yesterday Franca corrected me a lot. I tend to twist my shoulders when my left leg goes back. I was shy again in allongé. In soutenu turns I land with my weight back.
I feel that my relevé sucks. Everything would go so much better if I were thin.  Today I want to do cardio on the bike.

I didn’t.

I’m going to search for a place to stay during the workshop. Doro’s flat is not available. I’d like a hotel! But it should be reasonably priced.



Day 2: I wanted meat three times today. The craving was not very strong. I overate myself twice. I guess that was the reason my digestion was bad. I ate fruit and vegetables, too.



[My Room]

I cleaned out my personal cupboard today (instead of studying). I noticed that I have a lot of journals. Nine or ten.  I guess they go back for over ten years, but I only started journaling more or less seriously when I turned fifteen. Which is ten years ago. Oh my, that makes me feel old! Not very bad old.
I arranged my journals, a few boxes and tea things in the cupboard and gave some stuff away. I really want to get rid of some things. Like my oil painting things. Some fabric. Some books and toys. It is difficult because my opinion changes all the time. One day I feel I don’t need some things anymore, while the next day I want to keep it for old times’ sake, to remember something. Or because I think I might need it again later. For example, I never thought about my red velvet bedspread or my sleeping doll in the last year. Yet when I discovered them in a box I couln’t bear the thought of giving them away. The bedspread was so rich in colour and texture and the doll so cuddly and sweet… maybe I will have to go through all my stuff every six months or so and sort out what I don’t need anymore. With time I will grow and be able to let go more things, and my interests will change, too.

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Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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