More (semi-lucid) Dreams. Love and Dance


I was in a large shopping centre. I saw a woman below me on an escalator and heard her say the name of some wine. I repeated the name as a question and suddenly stood face to face with her, extremely near. She said yes, she was going to buy that wine and if I wanted we could share it. I said no no, I could buy my own, but she invited me. So we walked together through the shop and she held up a large sundae with strawberries and suggested getting that, too. She was middle-aged, apple-shaped and had dark short hair and a laughing, friendly face.

I dreamed of my colleagues form university. We were in some sort of camp? Wood and lake.
Dan,who was also there, had been swimming and was wet. I was standing behind him and wanted to dry him with a towel. I saw his shoulders with droplets on them. He was wearing bathing trunks. He wanted to get away from me.[Dream]

[Lucid dreams]
Then I became lucid, but not fully. I knew I was dreaming, but I didn’t have much control.
I ordered him to hold still and told him he liked it. I certainly liked it, touching him, being so near him. He held still and I dried him and caressed him a little. But somehow controlling the dream didn’t work very well. Dan didn’t want to cooperate, he showed no reaction to my touch. I wanted to be alone with him (we were in a sunny, dark wood) but people would come and go all the time. I willed them to go away (still thinking I was lucid, but I was going in and out of this semi-lucid state) but it didn’t work. Dan left, too. He didn’t seem to notice me.
Later I saw him talk to Bes, head to head. It hurt me.
Suddenly Christiana was  the one I was in love with. We were in a car with others and agreed to meet later. I tried to keep it a secret from the others and made her promise not to tell.
Outside I saw Bes and Dan still head to head, and then they kissed passionately. I started crying and turned away. I felt it was hopeless chasing Dan if he was in love with Bes. Kiki stood there and when he saw what happened, he gave me a hug to comfort me. I felt grateful for his sympathy. I saw that it was useless trying to force Dan (lucidly) to comply. I was surprised, but not really. (see real life)


Then there was a house in the wood, with a terrace and a restaurant, maybe our camp was there?. There was an evil man and a small boy (looking like a small Michelin man) who always wanted to run away and was very cheeky. He started a small vehicle and drove away. The man was angry and shouted after him.

I went to a psychic. She was supposed to win Dan over for me or cure me of my sadness about him.  She said she was out of practice. There was dust on some furniture (small table?). I saw myself and somebody. My head got sort of shrunk/separated like a balloon into little connected orbs. I said ouch, but felt nothing. It was more a vision of what would happen?

Then I was in a ballet studio at the Vaganova school. I was thinner and wore the old-fashioned Vaganova leotard with v-neck and 3/4 sleeves. There were others, real Vaganova students? I was looking forward to getting a really good class. I did pliés, my turnout was good, I felt very thin, strong and well aligned, I gave my all in allongé, I did a relevé with allongé and my feet spread out on the floor and felt very stable. I heard a loud rushing sound. It supposedly came from the window, so I went to the window which was small, in a small niche, and looked out. I saw the sea with small waves and heard the sound of the waves rushing. It looked like Ayas from the hill with the lighthouse. I tried to close the window but the rushing didn’t stop. I wondered why there was a sea in St. Petersburg. Then I went back to continue.

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Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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