New Ballet Class and Handbag


I was watching a long film in a dark, large room. There were people wanting to com e  in all the time. Two girls danced a courtly dance in the movie, then it turned into a lesbian erotic scene (one girl touching the other’s bosom). The children were still young, 13 at most. The scene was very delicately filmed, very beautifully lit.
 Then there came heavy rain against the window. I knew it was some sort of test. I had to hold the window closed and check for any leaks. (maybe the rain was real, against my window)
When I had finally finished watching the film (it was long and there were many interruptions, people shouting through the walls etc.) Diane/Sina and a female colleague/Kiki asked me what I had been doing. Then they said: you didn’t do any studying until now?

There was a child running around. I played with her in a park, with balletic gestures.
The girl/I was ill. She/I swooned all the time and had spots at the mouth. She/I had to go to the hospital. The father/Papa was stressed.
A police festival. The chief (woman) said something sitting in a chair. Her pink cardigan? Fell apart. Later she died. I saw a blue light above her face and then over her mouth. Then I knew she was dead.
The girl died like this, too.

We have a new program in ballet class. Lots of expressive arms and demi-pointe. I perspired so much today. But it wasn’t boring at all!

[Psychic development]
I acted on the suggestions I got yesterday. I went to MC. There was no young man anywhere, and no brown bag, and the CDs were bad, but I found a beautiful red leather handbag, great size and reasonable prize. I bought it and went home again. I don’t know what to make of this. I don’t trust myself, don’t believe the message came from my guides at all. I believe I just fooled myself mostly. But who knows. I’m going to continue doing this!

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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