Down in the Dumps

I have been shopping for beauty products for the last two days. I found two internet sites that quite enlightened me in terms of cosmetics knowledge. I know now which products work and why, and which are just useless. All those cellulite products for example. By and by, I want to have good products for my whole body.

We have just been to Germany for Dinner in a restaurant and ice cream later. It was really nice.
I have been up to my ears in cosmetics research. Last night was the second night I stayed up just to read and compare products. I found out that I got cheated by natural cosmetics and my face mask is bad for my skin. I want to read again although I am tired and my eyes burn. I am a little crazy.

At the beginning of the holidays I wanted to live consciously, meditate, exercise and practice. I wanted to cook and go through all our junk and tidy up the flat.
What I do instead is read, watch tv, shop and make chocolates. I feel that I am living unconsciously, I am losing my sense of time, I find it hard to go to sleep or to be still, I feel lazy. I just agreed to really go through all our stuff with Sina, but I feel a great disgust towards it, the exertion, the time I have to invest etc. Even my room is a mess, the floor is dirty, the sofa covered with clothes and boxes and stuff, the desk and drawers littered with junk and paper… I know I have to organise and tidy up, but I am somehow reluctant to do it.

I have been emailing with Nicole, a 30year old woman who will share a room with me during the workshop in R. It makes me happy to talk and I have been waiting for her emails eagerly.

Diane failed her exams. I don’t know whether this is good or bad for her in the long run. She is sad and doesn’t know what to do next. My parents are disappointed and angry and sad. I am sorry for her and feel uncomfortable at home.

I want to use the Law of Attraction to make this tidying up easy and effective. I want to live! Consciously!

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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