Friends and an embarrassing new Obsession

On Monday, ballet class was great. I felt hardly any soreness, felt like the best dancer and worked hard on my arms and head.
Yesterday however, everything hurt. In adagio I managed the arabesque piqué on demi-pointe. But my feet hurt a lot. Franca said that I didn’t have bad feet when I told her about the workshop teachers comment about my feet. Then she watched closely whether I pointed well and said it must have been the greater speed.

Today Charlene and Marina came. We made chocolates. What makes me happy: Marina will come with me to ballet next Friday. Unfortunately Maurice will teach, but oh well.
I felt farther away from Charlene than ever. She gave me a necklace with a leaf pendant. Although we are so similar in parts I feel less comfortable with her than with Marina. That makes me sad. Cooking was stressful for me. I didn’t want to make raspberry chocolates, but I gave in.

Now I will admit it: I have been watching Gossip Girl for three weeks. I have already seen all the episodes. At the moment I am rewatching them because I didn’t consciously follow the relation between Blair and Chuck in the beginning. Something about Chuck appeals to me incredibly. He is “evil”, rich, sexy, ridiculous in a way, and to be pitied. I can’t describe it, but he captivates me similarly to Brian from QaF. Well, if you think about it, he resembles him a lot.

I started it when I had finished tidying up my room at last. All I wanted to do was lie around and watch something. But all the other series I knew of didn’t really hold interest for me, except How I met your Mother, and with that I stumbled upon GG. In a way I had always been curious to watch it some time. And when I see beautiful and rich people I feel more beautiful and rich, too. So I told myself: You are curious, plus it could help you concentrate on beauty and abundance.

 (This entry was translated from German. I tried to stay as close to the original as possible, so it might sound a little strange.)

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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