Let down

Today, Marina was supposed to come to AS with me. I had been looking forward to it so much! But then she wrote to me saying she couldn’t, and whether it was okay to come next week. I was so disappointed! But at least she is coming next week. I will just be able to make it before we leave for Italy. The good thing is, next week Sika will be there again, who does the class with music. Marina said she preferred that, and after the elementary class today I think that might be better. Maurice explains less, demonstrates more. He does other things extremely well, though! He teaches us the arms correctly and has us practice things we did wrong. The beginner’s class was wonderful! I fairly floated out of the class! I also thanked him and told him he gave beautiful classes. 

I let myself get intimidated again and again by people who put their leg up on the barre before class, or look balletic, or are quite good at the barre. Most of them leave after the elementary class already or get lost in centre, like today. I did quite ok. I am beginning to feel comfortable with changes of direction, ports de bras, concepts like en dehors/en dedans. I was definitely in the better half, maybe even quarter!

Well, it’s already late. I have that trial class tomorrow. I need to sleep immediately.

Oh, by the way, Mam is away. Is it normal for me to feel so alone, at 25, when she isn’t home?

I was on the ballet tram (thank you Universe!) and also did a little sous-sus when nobody was watching. Because there are wooden railings. And I bought myself Chanel No.19 EdT at last! My first real perfume!
And Mam is interested in correct make-up technique! I’d never have guessed!

(This entry has been translated from German. I tried to stay as close to the original as possible, so it might sound a little strange sometimes.)

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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