Sushi, Croissants, Disappointment

I got up rather early this morning and went immediately to the Japanese shop. I shopped and then went on to S square. I wanted to get myself a bun at the bakery. I found French croissants. I bought two and went on to the bus station. I was feeling light, awake and elegant. It was dry and sunny and clear. There was a cool wind and for a moment, I was perfectly happy.

At home, I made sushi. In between, I ate the croissants. They were divine! It turned out very yummy and I ate a little too much. Then I watched Gossip Girl and surfed the internet. I grew very lethargic. Late in the afternoon I brought the cans and bottles to the recycling place. That short walk did me really good. The cool, damp air and the wind refreshed me immensely.

I was so ready for ballet today. I was feeling tall and light and glad and would have preferred dancing my way over there. When we were alle there, changed and ready, Franca had to cancel the class because her dog Pepper wasn’t feeling well. He was all limp and she was really worried. I was so frustrated! I had been ‘itching’ for a ballet class like almost never before, and then… nothing. Of course it was an emergency, and I was sympathetic, but still… And there were even two new students, total newbies from the way they were dressed. But well, it couldn’t be helped.

(This entry was translated from German. I tried to stay as close to the original as possible, so it may sound a little strange.)

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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