Feeling rich. And a new/old Class

Today I had to get up early because of a doctor’s appointment. I was tired and disgruntled, but as soon as the sun came out, I felt better. At the doctor’s everything was ok and it was over quickly. Then I went to town. I went to Anna’s and then to Ladurée right around the corner. Oh, luxury! All those big beautiful macaroons, the lovely shop, the friendly service! I got one macaroon from every flavour and paid thirty Euros for them. Pure extravagance, I know. But I had just got news that I would receive the sum from the PV, for myself, and so I indulged myself. I enjoyed the feeling of wealth I felt in shopping and later in carrying the little bag around. I was feeling chic and tall and light and beautiful and rich all over. I got hair conditioner, flip flops, an eyeliner. Then I bought an S-brioche, an St-croissant and a freshly squeezed orange juice and sat down by the S water ditch in the sun. I had time, felt beautiful and rich and happy. So I ate my breakfast comfortably at eleven o’clock and fed luxury crumbs to the sparrows. Such moments are important, they are good for me and help me to continue attracting good things to my life.

Then I went home and rested for a while, but had to leave again right away to go to Mrs. H. In the meantime I had found out that Pepper had died. I spoke to her about it, and about the fact that I ‘slip into other people’ and out of myself, and am no longer aware of myself.

At home I ate spaetzle and rested, watched some Gossip Girl and enjoyed my macaroons. I ate too much, but they are very good. Heavier and damper than the little ones I know, but somehow exotic and luxurious. I wrote down the best flavous. Next time I will buy less!

I had planned to go to class at the opera. But then I grew afraid and almost didn’t go. But I went anyway. Miraculously, the ballet tram came. And I was making my bun while looking out of the window and watching people’s reaction to the pictures on the tram. It’s so much fun watching somebody’s face looking at the tram (hidden behind the huge ballerina on the window) and imagining that this person is admiring the beauty of the dancers or poses, is touched by it, fascinated, maybe becomes a ballet fan or lets go his prejudices.
The class went well, I was feeling ok. Not too confident, but good enough. My technique is cleaner than most of the others’ who were there. Near the end my phone rang, so that I apologised to Regula after class. She said she had not seen me for ages, and I explained where I was studying now and why (schedule problem, I said). And then she said it would be nice if I came again some time and everything was so good with me. That made me happy, to finally hear some praise from her. Because in class I realised again how much I have learned and how big the difference must be from my last regular classes there, one and a half years ago. And most of it I owe to Franca.

I met a woman who had been at Franca’s on Monday for a trial class, and told her it was better there. She wants to come on Thursday.

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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