Bad News

I just spoke to Teresa on the phone. The poor thing didn’t have appendicitis at all, but a tumour in her intestine that has been removed. It is not certain whether it was cancer or not, but I don’t think so because she is so young. Hopefully not. The reason I called her was wanting to know what’s the matter with Franca without disturbing her. Teresa had received a text saying the classes for this week were cancelled because Franca needed some time for herself. Well, now I have clarity. It’s really stupid, when I had been going strong and training a lot these last few weeks. Anyway, be that as it may. I am grateful that I’m not in hospital, sick after surgery. And tomorrow I will go to AS with Marina. And then to Italy.

I am so stressed. I hate packing, and especially arranging music for a journey. That stresses me out. Additionally, I must help a lot. Bleh!

Later: I’ll go to that bakery at S square again tomorrow, to buy myself some breakfast. I want to go to the library close by. I am feeling pretty sad because I won’t have any internet, ballet classes and friends for the next two weeks. Marina cancelled again. I am incredibly disappointed and sad and mad at her, too. She shouldn’t have got my hopes up like that. I guess she was just afraid. A ballet class can be very scary, especially if you’re insecure. I feel like she is basically interested but still too afraid. But then I might be wrong, too.

If you look at it positively, I have been looking forward to her coming for two weeks. Anticipation is nice as well. So it still brought something good into my life.

Okay, now I’ll do a backup of my journal and next time I’ll write in Italy. Bye!
(Translated from German)

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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