Italy, here we come

Written retrospectively:

I got up and got ready etc. but because I was late I decided not to go to S square. I could forego the book and the croissant, but not ballet class. So I packed and, with a little help, finished in time.

Papa had decided I should go to both classed anyway. So I went. In elementary I was the best and enjoyed it. I got some praise, too, for tendus I think. In beginner Sika increased the difficulty a little this week, I guess because some elementary people had been asking to stay. But it went relatively well. I got muddled up a few times, but I consciously enjoyed it because it was the last ballet class. After class a girl, who had impressed me as very ambitious all summer in both classes, introduced herself to me.
She had always been trying the frog stretch and asking complicated questions. She told me in answer to my question that she had only been dancing for one or two months. I didn’t really think her likeable, but I thought her nice. I believe she is Turkish. Unfortunately, I had to leave quickly so we couldn’t talk longer.
I really hurried and got on a very full No.3, when Sina’s text reached me, saying there was no need to hurry because they were nowhere near ready. So I got off at H square and bought a caraway seed roll, a chocolate meringue and a pretzel. I ate the chocolate meringue sitting on the bench at the station, the evening was clear and warm and golden, and I was looking forward to the holiday, but at the same time I was a little wistful because of ballet and my holidays in B which were drawing to an end. Then I took the next No.3 and went home.

When I got there, really nothing was ready, so I could take a shower and pack a few more things. We left at eight o’clock. I was expecting us to arrive in Modena as late as two or three in the morning, but we were there at ten past one. We had taken less breaks and got on very fast. Our hotel room was pretty and clean. The bed Sina and I shared was high and springy and had five fat soft pillows, it was like a cloud in the sky. Diane slept on a third small bed. The bathroom was nice, too, and everything was clean etc. I loved feeling so rich. I often feel that way in hotels, the nicer the more, and this hotel had four stars

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Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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