On the Road in Italy

I slept well, only too little, but we had to go on. For breakfast there were three sorts of cake, sweet croissants, canned fruit, scrambled eggs and the usual.At ten twenty we departed. On the way we got into a slow traffic jam which trew us back, but we all tried to wish it away using Law of Attraction. It worked and we go on better. In Gargano we had to drive over hills and curves, so that it went more slowly. But it was beautiful. The sun had just turned to this nice gold, the pine woods were full of wonderful scents and the sea was clear and blue. We came to P which looked almost like a fairy tale city with its white houses, on the hill above the blue sea, in the evening sunlinght.

Shortly before we arrived we came upon an accident, a man was lying on the floor. I believe the parents at first wanted to drive by, but I found that Mama needed to help. She got out and we waited on the side of the road but stayed in the car. There were two people injured, they were still conscious. Soon an ambulance came and we drove on. A car was standing there with a motorcycle half on and half under the bonnet. Mama was not as shocked as I had been fearing. I strangely wasn’t, either. At last we arrived at the estate.

We daughters got the little house next to the one from last year, and the parents got a small one next to the ‘Clara house’. Everything was much newer and nicer than at the old house, but Mama’s is newer and nicer still. But I am content. The best is a very stable, quite comfortable bed and an exhaust hood in the kitchen. And the adjustable shutters with fly screens. The verandah is large and rather private. I’ll have enough room for ballet practice if I move all the things out of the way.

Dinah was horribly over-aroused because of some fears concerning Tippy. I could have strangled her. Yes, it’s not her fault, but it’s annoying!!!!

We went to the Luna for dinner. It was nice but I almost froze to death because we were sitting outside, by the beach.

Back home, I took a shower and put on some lotion. Afterwards I felt good and went to bed.

(Translated from German)

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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