Playing a beautiful Day

G, Italy
Today was a beautiful day. I was woken early by Tippy, but then I went to sleep again for a few hours. Eventually I got up. I had slept well and enough. Dad was already there and we all prepared breakfast together. I was wearing my blue plaid dress and feeling well-groomed and well dressed (except my hair which still needed washing.)After breakfast the parents went shopping and I unpacked my things and organised our house. I am especially proud of my idea to use the clotheshorse as a garden gate. In this way, Tippy can run around freely in the house and on the verandah and everybody is content.
It got really hot. But that didn’t bother me much, because I had been wishing for summer again as you know. I just didn’t move much and drank cold water. Then I put on make-up and when the parents got home I did the dishes (we made a plan so everyone does them in turn). Then I did a pedicure and right after that we ate a snack and then went to the beach. Dinah took Tippy at first, but he was very afraid and she eventually stayed on the beach with him. There lots of children came wanting to play with him, it was really droll to watch. But later, there came an even bigger attraction: A white rabbit on a leash which was skipping around in the sand. That was really funny and in a way grotesque to watch.

I stayed in the water for a long time, first with Sissy and then with Mama. I was practicing a little ballet and noticed that in water you can really find the right dynamics of port de bras; especially the hands and the slight lag, and also the resistance.

Then we all went home again and showered. I put on lotion everywhere, as if I were slender and beautiful. Because I have to behave as if I were everything I want to be to attract it.
Mama and Dad said we should cook at our place and they would come over to eat. It was great fun planning a meal and cooking with Sissy, and having ‘guests’. In general I think having a little house of one’s own and being able to organise and tidy up and cook etc. is great. We made Pasta with aurora sauce and for dessert I made a fruit salad. It was a nice evening. Dinah had to do the dishes and I was reading to her (the book was mostly stupid). Then I grew tired, went to bed and read a little in a ballet book. Even though I was interested I couldn’t keep my eyes open and fell asleep.

The day was beautiful because we have a pretty little house where I get to ‘keep house’;because the weather was fine; we didn’t fight; I felt grown-up and well and awake; because it was the first day.
But I wasn’t conscious, I was acting a part and enjoying it. I was playing this part before myself; I doubt moreover that Dinah and Sissy payed me enough attention to notice.

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Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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