Twilight Ballet

This morning the weather was glorious. I had been hoping for better weather, but this exceeded my expectations. It was cool and windy, however.

I believe it was tonight that I rearranged the patio, did some cleaning and then tried to stand on my Franklin balls. I was braced for them to burst, but they held. And I didn’t fall down as expected, but  could hold myself more or less. Then I warmed up a little and practiced ballet, a whole class. There were people on Tino’s verandah whom I couldn’t see because of the screen, but they could probably see me. This motivated me to do everything very neatly and not sloppily, even though it was strenuous. It was a little like a performance. I like having people watch me train. I like showing what I can do. I stretched thoroughly in the end. My split had become a little worse, but my feet were really nice instead. While I was dancing it grew steadily darker. I enjoyed it very much.

Afterwards I showered and we had dinner. I think I read Harry Potter 6.

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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