Jazz by the Harbour

12 September:
Today it was fine and windy and cool again. I was reading and lying around and eating and maybe swimming. After all, the beauty of it is having the days merge and intertwine because you have time.

13 September:
I have been reading lots of Harry Potter. Tonight, we went to V. At first we wandered about aimlessly, annoying each other. Then we went to a restaurant near the seashell museum. It lay at a street directly by the sea. Wicker sofas and coffee tables stood out front, and there was jazz playing. The tableau was gorgeous. I imagined myself in the future, slender and beautiful and elegantly dressed, with my companion, there on the sofa with the jazz and a cocktail. I’d be coming from the Palace hotel. That was a beautiful image.

The restaurant was nearly empty, we were sitting on an overgrown wooden balcony high above the harbor. You could see the lighthouse. The food was good, but sadly we didn’t quite get what we ordered (fish instead of prawns), but it didn’t bother me.

Afterwards we walked through the park and strolled around a little until w’d found a gelateria that had good chairs for me. There I got my first real Italian gelateria ice cream. I chose pistachio and peach-mango because I had been imagining green and red ice cream. It was almost too watery in part, yummy, but no highlight.

Then we went home. I read Harry Potte and it was so dramatic and exciting just then that I read until six in the morning. Especially Snape’s lot really touched me. I always sympathise so much with tragic heroes. But Harry’s willingness to die was also extremely sad and beautiful. Especially when he was asking his mother to stay with him.

I think the whole hysteria is stupid, the movies etc. The books are exciting, partly original, partly too English, partly boring or absurd. I am not a fan of Harry Potter, but it is a good story even though much of it is ‘borrowed’

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Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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