Just another Day

This morning, the parents and Sissy went to V. I stayed at home and did some fantasizing, then I did the dishes and made stewed peaches. After that I fantasized some more.I was reading ballet books, at first in bed, but then I thought it a waste missing this fine day, so I dressed warmly and went on reading on the patio. It wasn’t cold, but in the shade and wind it was rather cool. Because I had eaten a lot for breakfast I wasn’t hungry when we went to the beach in the afternoon. The water was very cold, but this time I dared to dive under a little sooner. Sissy came too, but we didn’t play together anymore. Then she went back because she was cold. Mama came too, and also Dinah with Tippy. Dinah came into the water while Mama was holding him on the beach. He was whimpering heart-rendingly, but Dinah swam with me a little and we played tag, and she did some ballet. I am always slightly afraid she might be better than I. Well, her legs may, for anatomical reasons, go higher than mine, but my technique is logically much better.

Later, Mama came back and Tippy played with a dog on the beach, very cute. Mama and I went home last. I showered and put on lotion and then I was so incredibly hungry and annoyed by Dad who was making bean and lentil salads at our place. So I went over to Mama and got myself some ice cream. We had dinner a little later. There were grilled lamb steaks (very yummy) and quails. I only tried a bite of the quails, it was very aromatic, but somehow I had reservations about eating them, because I find quails so cute and used to want to keep some. For dessert there was more ice cream. I had sawed off the top of the ice cream container to make it fit into our freezer, which has the perfect ice cream temperature. Sadly, Mama dropped the ice cream on serving it, and of course it fell out. Dinah and Sissy were screaming with laughter, but I found it gross that she just put it back in the container.

While we were fumigating the rooms with insect spray we were sitting in the living room and Sissy did me the favour of looking at the ballet books a little with me. A few days earlier, I had left them there on purpose, hoping that Dinah and Sissy would look at them. At least Sissy did it, which made me happy. Afterwards I was reading a little, but the book was falling out of my hands and I put out the light.

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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