Pivoting and Alignment

The last few days I have been ill and had to stay at home. I began to feel very down, all my hopes and expectations were gone. I began to worry about everything and just felt bad. This was made worse by feeling guilty for staying home and worrying what my boss was thinking.

There is a little flat I applied for that is perfect for me. I want it so much. As long as I was eager for it, planning, decorating in my mind, it was good. I was mostly convinced I was going to get it. But when I was down all sorts of doubts came, all the bad things I had ever heard about how hard it is to find a good flat etc. etc. came to mind.

I know by now how important my emotions are. If I feel bad, I try to make myself feel good again as fast as possible. So I tried to focus on the positive aspects of everything. (Okay, I’m sick, but hey I can sleep in and stay at home sitting around. Okay, I can’t eat, but hey I’ll lose weight.) And so on. But I had a hard time turning it around, or pivoting.

So, I went looking for something to help me feel better. There is an audio file called the Rampage of Appreciation on the Abraham website. I listened to that and it instantly made me feel good.

I also listen to Abraham on Youtube sometimes. Since I started it, everything in life got so much better; I am happier, have more fun and more money. And I am better in ballet, too. My foot (I had plantar fasciitis) got better, my strength came back, I dance with more joy and expression. And all that just because I changed my way of thinking. The concept is easy: Think, say and do what makes you feel good. Then you are in alignment. In alignment with who you really are.
It’s exactly like in ballet: if you are in alignment, everything is easier and you will get better results.

There are still many habits in my life, habits of thought: concentrating on the problems, fear and self-consciousness. But now I at least see them, and when I catch myself feeling bad I try to pivot. And: I am getting better at it!

If you are down, if reality keeps slapping you in the face, if you feel like your life doesn’t go in the right direction, why not try this pivoting process. Just think to yourself: Okay, now I know what I don’t want. But what do I want? And then focus on that. Try it.

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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