No, I’m not talking about ballet slippers. I will, but not today.

I’m talking about my flat. It is perfect for me, the perfect size (one room, a small kitchen and bathroom, with a balcony), beautiful view over the city and hills (it’s on the 8th floor!), cheap and neat! I just have to get it!

At the moment I am still living with my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and my sisters and our dog and our flat where we lived for 25 years. But I am grown up now and ready to move on. And I can still visit them, we will live in the same city.

Until there is more money, I shall live rather simply. The greater part of the furniture will be my old things from my room, such as my desk, chair, armchair, shelves, bedside table etc. I will need a new big wardrobe, not just for clothes but for general storage. No clutter in a small flat! I’m thinking of sliding mirrored doors, so the wardrobe can double as a huge mirror wall for ballet! And a chest of drawers. Those are the most important pieces of furniture.

Then, I will of course install a barre. I have one now, a free standing one I built myself. Here it is:

But fixed to the wall is better, because it is more stable and I don’t have to put it away after practising. The actual wooden barre can be taken off and attached to the wall.

Thank goodness I have been buying many kitchen things in the last months, so that I have enough pots and pans, knives, boards and lovely cutlery and cups. All I need are some small things and glasses and plates, but I can nick those from my parents, they have several sets. And then I’m going to buy a few small appliances like a kettle, scales, blender etc. My youngest sister said she will give me a telephone (she joked about a hamburger phone – NO!).

I am telling you, this is a dream coming true for me. For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed about having my own kitchen. With my own things in it. My own bathroom. My own hall. My own window with a window sill. Wheeeee! I’m so excited!

Of course, the most important thing is my bed. My new bed. That will arrive on Monday. Wheeee!  (But more about the bed later)
Oh, and the lamps! I love lamps, there are about seven lamps in my room right now. My favourite is my baby, my luxury object, the first really beautiful and expensive thing I ever got (not counting the chanel perfume): A bourgie lamp by Kartell. (Yes, it’s transparent. And huge)

Of course I will post pictures of the decorating process and the result. So, dear readers, please cross your fingers, press your thumbs or do whatever you do to wish me luck with this flat!

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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