Law of Attraction and the perfect bed

It all began with a night in a hotel in summer 2010. It wasn’t even a good hotel. But it had a box spring bed. Or an american bed, a hotel bed, you know, the kind of bed one sees in all american films and series? High, springy and soft, without a bed frame. I slept so well that night, and the bed never left my mind. That was the first step: the desire.

Such beds might be the norm in America, but here they are rare. Beds sold here have a bed frame, sprung slats and a mattress on top. Most are very low, which I find ugly and uncomfortable. Back home, I saw such a box spring bed in a shop window. It was by VI Spring, a very good and expensive company. I decided that I wanted such a bed, and I was going to get it. That was the second step: I consciously decided what I wanted.

At the time I had no money, so I just ordered a catalog and looked online for other manufacturers of such beds. I found a company near me that imports beds from finland, so I went there, tried different beds, let them give me a cost estimate and said I would be coming back when I had money. That was the third step: concentrating on it, going to look at and try it, acting as if I was going to buy it. And feeling good while doing it, too – that’s important!
Here is the shop:

Then I just kept it in my mind for a while, imagining where it would stand, how it would look, feel and sound. That was the next step: Visualising, feeling as if I already got it.

That is the logic of the Law of Attraction: In order to receive the bed, I had to feel like I already had the bed. I also got a new pillow, which was not very expensive, and concentrated on the comfort of it before I went to sleep at night.

If you think “Don’t have good bed, want good bed” all the time, and notice the discomfort of your old bed or your current situation, the universe will send you the essence of your thought, which is: a lack of a good bed. So, you will not get a new bed. What I tried to reach instead were the thoughts and joyful feeling of already having the bed.

After graduation, when I had a part time job and some money, the time had finally come for the next step: actually getting my bed. I went back to the shop and took my time trying the beds again, choosing the most comfortable one. This time I ordered it. Now all I had to do was wait. Patience is not my strong point, but what could I do? And now, on Monday, it will be delivered. My old, narrow, creaky bed with the thin mattress can go, and I will sleep in a big, fat, springy luxurious bed!

As I said before: Wheeeee!

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Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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