Only a few?

I have written before how Mrs. H reacted to me fully doing a movement that means something to me. Well, on Thursday, we were talking about the fact that I was feeling isolated, not being able to share what really matters to me. I mentioned Belinda as a person who sees and understands what dance means to me, and told her what I wrote before about music and dance, and about what Belinda told me that day. Mrs. H then said that the founder of the “movement analysis” she practices was originally a dancer, and that at a recent meeting he said that there were many people who dance, but only a few who had that deep connection between their innermost and their movement. She then told him about me and said that she believed I had that… she called it a gift. That’s a good word, a gift.

It made me very happy to have her acknowledge this, because… well, she doesn’t know much about dance, but she knows about me, while Belinda really knows about dance, and they both saw something in me. It makes me glad to have a gift, too,  and not just those with good turnout or feet or long limbs. I may not have the body, the line, but I believe I have the essence. And while I would love to have perfect technique, I believe perfect form without anything behind it is just empty beauty. Besides, I can work on technique and form, but according to this movement analyst you have to be born with this ‘talent’ I seem to have.

I just read through this paragraph and it sounds arrogant and pretentious…

Let’s just say I feel flattered, glad and grateful to have this deep love of dance and music, and having it acknowledged by people I respect gives me a lot of confidence in myself.

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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