Musings on Death and the End of the World

I just read Jason’s weight loss blog because he started following me. He is a good writer, very eloquent. And I admire eloquence. But so many of his attitudes and even more of the attitudes in the comments struck me as very contradictory to my beliefs about life. So many people seem to look at death as this big dark horrible thing, fearing it, trying to delay it, ignore it, prevent it. All I want to say is why? Why get so stressed out, trying to resist something natural and normal?

Of course, it depends on one’s beliefs. Maybe all those people believe that they have just this life, and death is the end of their existence in any form? If I believed that, I would feel resistance to dying, too. I would try to enjoy my life, yes, and to prolong it if possible (within reason). But as it is, I believe death is only a passing, from one form or plane of existence to another. And it is nothing to be afraid of. Yes, physical existence is dear to me, and if I see a car racing towards me, I will jump aside and get a shock. But I accept death as a part of life, and I don’t fear it. I only fear suffering and pain, in any form. But not death, not the passing itself. When it comes,  it will be very interesting. A new and exciting experience. And I have often thought, in moments when I was supremely happy: I wouldn’t mind dying now, it would be a good moment.

I am no Christian or Muslim, although my parents grew up loosely following those religions. I had phases, but no religion felt good for long. There were always unanswered questions, things that felt like a struggle, guilt. Now I guess I just believe in the beauty and eternity of life. No God as a separate being, just Love. No rules, just joy. No death, just change. Maybe these beliefs will evolve further, who knows.

Many say the world will end this month. I don’t believe it can. But it’s interesting to think about: What would we do differently if it were true? What would we regret?

What I would do differently: Laugh more, worry less, be more fearless and expressive, take in the beauty of the world more consciously, tell more people that I love them, dance with all my heart in every movement.

Regrets (in no particular order): Never having: Been slender, been kissed, danced en pointe, lived alone, had a cat, done a grand jeté, told Mrs. H and Belinda how much they helped me, ridden a horse, had a boyfriend, flown with a hang glider, had a true best friend, seen the northern lights, told my family how much I love them.

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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3 Responses to Musings on Death and the End of the World

  1. Seems like you have quite a list to work on. Get cracking on that kiss, will you?!?! Go for it girl!!!

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