Some journal-y things

Whew, I haven’t written for ages! There was work and ballet and lots of things to do. Besides, when I had an hour to write, I didn’t ‘feel the flow’, and couldn’t decide what topic to write about. Still can’t. But I just HAVE to write now or I’ll never do it.

The good stuff first: I feel stronger in ballet. Retiré relevé, grand battement en demi-pointe, piqué arabesque, développés, you name it, I felt great doing it. My développé à la seconde is at or slightly over 90 degrees at last. I hope my extensions will improve further with less weight to lift and more room around the hips as I slowly lose weight. There were several classes where I felt very aligned and long and strong. But also some where everything seemed harder than usual. The longer I learn, the more difficult and complicated it becomes. Turnout, alignment, shoulders, head, feet, fingers, gaze, balance, weight placement, timing, dynamics, there are so many things to consider! I wasn’t even aware of some of those things last year! Speed and changes of direction and weight are definitely challenges for me, as are turns. I don’t jump for now, but mark. And right now, it seems as if I will never achieve what I want, which is being able to DANCE, but with correct technique. If you don’t jump, can’t turn, can’t MOVE, what is left? Only ‘stepping and posing’, at which I am rather good. Bleh… I just need to go on. I will never be satisfied.

Well, this ‘good stuff’ turned into not-so-good stuff pretty quickly. Other not-so-good stuff: My weight has been fluctuating around the same number for the last two weeks. It went up a little, then down, then up again. I don’t know why. Did I gain muscle from my upper body and Pilates exercises? Is it the sweets I ate a little more of last weekend? I was still within my calorie limit, though… Anyway, I wish it moved faster. At WW, they gave me another star sticker and a measuring tape, because I lost 5% of my starting weight there. Yay. I also had two rest days last week. On Tuesday, because I just felt absolutely exhausted and as if I would NEVER make it till Christmas, and yesterday because I was at a farewell party that started right after work. It was a lovely evening, though, and I had some great conversations with my coworkers and even got a compliment on my improved figure! Tomorrow, I will do interval training on the bike again, as well as my other exercises. No ballet, to save my foot. It got really stressed today, and I want to give it time to recover. There is always the threat of full-blown tendinitis/fasciitis if I’m not very conscientious about icing, stretching and resting when it hurts. But today, while it was a little sore, I was able to do almost everything en demi-pointe during both classes. Then an ice bath and some Diclofenac and by Monday everything will be fine. With less and less weight and more strength it will disappear on its own, I’m sure. The injury, not the foot 😉

Ok, this post seems very ‘rambly’ and doesn’t really say anything. But since this IS my journal as well as my blog, I’ll just have both kinds of entrys: journal-y ones and blog-y ones.

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Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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