Nice Cosy Weekend

This Saturday, I had a really nice day. I got up early and did the whole Front Splits Program. I bought it on Friday, as a birthday present for myself, because I am sick of stretching  every day and only getting more tense and sore instead of more flexible. I know a few of the techniques, but a structured program is easier to follow. Even if I don’t have my splits next weekend, I think it is time to do something about my flexibility now. I can no longer blame my size for most limitations. Afterwards, I couldn’t miraculously sit in the splits, but I felt loose and well all through my body. I ate a healthy breakfast and went to class with Belinda. It was a slow, basic class with only four students. Almost cosy. Afterwards, Belinda gave me her CD to copy, because I knew it from Franca’s classes and loved the music. We talked a little about my weight loss etc, and then I went shopping and hurried home. I had half invited a friend for tea, but wasn’t sure whether she would come. She never answers my messages, which is really infuriating. I showered, tidied up the flat and baked chocolate muffins and made cucumber sandwiches. My friend didn’t show up or answer my call, and I was getting hungry, so I made myself a nice tea and sat down to eat alone. I ate too much again, of course. Then I grew cold and tired, so I snuggled under my duvet and read a book. Mother called at some time and we talked a little. Then I was feeling awake again, so I made a second batch of muffins for the office on Monday. I was in bed by midnight. It was a cosy day, cold and rainy, and my flat was as clean and tidy as never before. I was alone, listening to music (obsessed with Giora Feidman at the moment), pottering about and later reading. I don’t know… It was just nice.

On Sunday, the sun was shining into my eyes at seven, waking me up. We had agreed to celebrate my birthday that evening, so I had the whole day for myself. I brought my old bike up from the cellar and put it on a sheet in the middle of the room. It was already an old bike when I got it, years ago, and I kept it at my Grandmother’s house and used it there when we spent our holidays there as children. I haven’t used it for ten years at least, and it was grimy and dusty and rusty. Mother had brought it the week before, because we are selling Grandmother’s house. Grandmother had to move into a nursing home months ago, and the house is extremely old and crumbling, so it must be sold. It’s heartbreaking, losing that house. It was a place where I had many roots, and it hurts to have them pulled out. I didn’t go with the others when they went to collect all the things. I want to keep it in my memory as it was. The wonderful thing is that nobody wanted Grandmother’s silver-plated cutlery and her ‘good’ china, so now I have a beautiful collection and can remember my grandmother every day when I use it. I hadn’t bought any china yet when I moved, and till now used the cheap plates that came with the flat.

I had taken the bike entirely apart earlier, photographing important parts, and now I cleaned it with kerosene and soap and water, and aluminium foil to remove the rust. My bathtub was black afterwards! Then I started putting it back together and. I still need new tyres and a new chain, and I haven’t managed to change the pedals or installed the new brake cables or reattached the dynamo, but I worked at it all day, and am very proud of myself. I never knew or cared before how bikes work, but I had to look it all up, and now I feel very well acquainted with mine. It has a name, by the way. When I first got it, I called it Kelly. Kelly is back in the cellar, all shiny and looking like a bike again. Maybe I’ll finish everything next weekend and take her outside for a drive.

What happened after that will have to go into a second post, because it’s long.

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Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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