Seven Pounds and a Pretend Cat

So far, it’s been a great week. I had to work more for a sick coworker, but the work turned out to be only half as strenuous as I had feared. And now it’s Friday afternoon and I have nothing to do and am practically only waiting for the weekend.

This week, I lost over seven pounds! It was crazy. There was a surprise and one or two marbles to move every morning. I love this kind of week! I have been eating, too, and quite a lot. At the moment, I get 34 WW points a day, and I ate all of them on most days. There are new changes visible in my hands, feet, face and waist, and I love the feeling of adventure and novelty, the delight in my own emerging beauty. If only I could stay in this mood a little longer, I could make it to jumping weight very soon. Only 3.5 kg or eight pounds to go now!

Another exciting and happyfying thing this week has been planning to adopt a cat. I have wanted a cat for ever, but first we had our old dog, then when he died and I considered a cat we realised we would have to have two cats who would have to stay indoors because of the road in front of our house, and then Dinah got Tippy and cats were out of the question again. Since moving out, I have often been watching the neighbourhood cats and wishing for one of my own, but I didn’t have enough money. Now that I work more, I can afford it, and I have been thinking about it ever since the weekend. Before I can make real plans, however, I have to check with my landlady whether I could build a ladder of some sorts for the cat to climb up and down on. My flat is only half a floor above the ground, but it’s too high to jump up to the window. If the landlady says yes, I can start planning (and saving) in earnest. I would like to adopt an adult cat, because I don’t have time for a kitten. So, I have been looking around on the internet for cats and tips on cat care and feeding, etc. Years ago, I spent months reading about all these topics, so it was mostly repetition.

The problem is, I am impatient. I want a cat NOW, please. But the earliest practicable date would be Christmas. I will need time to get and build all the necessary things, and to pay for them. And I will need to be at home during the day when the cat moves in, so the Christmas break would be perfect. But, half to see how it would be and half for the fun of pretending, I have already put two bowls on the floor in the kitchen and moved the laundry basket out of the bathroom to make room for the imaginary litter box. And I’ve been giving my ‘pretend cat’ fresh water every morning and night, cleaning the litter box, feeding it and imagining it sitting on my bed, purring. This is a little embarrassing to admit. But I will calm down and be reasonable again in a few days…

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4 Responses to Seven Pounds and a Pretend Cat

  1. RO says:

    Aaahhwwww kitty cats are so cute!! I’ve adopted my cat too and I’ve never seen such a grateful little creature. Go for it!
    And about the weight thing, eating a lot of healthy food can help you lose weight, as you can see! Keep up the good work!!

  2. The Dancing Rider says:

    Brilliant week! We have five cats, all rescues. Four of them are a litter we saved. We still feed the momma cat (had her spayed, but she would not stay inside, or she’d be with us too). The fifth is a feral we adopted and rescued from the shelter, after feeding her for months, only to find someone had trapper her. Excited to read about your success in continuing your weight loss. SO EXCITING to see you may be at jumping weight soon! 🙂

    • annalienor says:

      That’s great to hear that you helped so many cats! Where I live, there aren’t many wild cats. Things are extremely neat around here, and most get trapped and end up in animal homes.

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