Finding a Cat

I’m so excited! Things are moving fast. Two weeks ago, I decided to get a cat. And now, I have already found it!

But let’s start at the beginning. Since the last blog post, I have been thinking about cats almost exclusively. It has been long since I was so obsessed with something. It used to happen all the time, and I love the feeling of energy and excitement when I am obsessed. I need less sleep, work doesn’t bother me, food isn’t important anymore, there is only ‘the thing’. In this case, the cat. Every time I left the house, I looked up and imagined where the cat ladder would be. I built a cardboard cat door and stuck it to the bathroom window. I designed a scratching post in my head. I researched cat food, pet locators, litter brands. Every night when I came home, I imagined my cat greeting me, or lying on my pillow, purring. Every morning at breakfast, I imagined him slinking through the flat or begging for a scrap of ham. And of course, I scanned the homeless pet database and small advertisement pages. Somehow, the cat in my head became a red, cream or red-and-white male. I would then probably call him (I want a him) Glorfindel, Fin for short, because of his colour. Fin should be a young adult cat who likes to cuddle, to play and to explore. He took shape in my thoughts, and with it came the worry that I would never find him. All the homeless cats were either too young or too old, or too shy and traumatized, or would only be given away with another cat. But I told myself that I had time, and I would visit the database every day and look for Fin. I couldn’t talk about cats to my coworkers, and while I told Mandy and June and a few others from ballet, it wasn’t enough and I was almost bursting with ‘cat talk’, so that my parents got little else from me when they took me to dinner on Saturday. But they know my obsessions, and only smiled indulgently. I wanted to write about it, but suddenly became worried that I would bore all my readers to tears, so I held back. But not anymore!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I woke up at dawn and had a big breakfast (while reading in cat forums) and tidied up the flat a little. Then we had a workshop with Mandy, focusing on pirouettes. Smiley and Melina from Franca’s school were there, too (I had given them the programs, with Franca’s permission). We didn’t get as far as Mandy planned, because many people had trouble balancing (me included) and telling en dehors from en dedans, and I didn’t have any breakthroughs, but I enjoyed it. There were many good turns that felt like flying, and I love that feeling! Mandy was very nice to me, after last week’s disagreement (which I didn’t want to write about, and now it’s resolved). Smiley liked the detailed corrections and wants to come to regular classes and Melina, well, she let herself get discouraged, but I think she could benefit very much from Mandy if she wanted to. She reminds me of myself: she is passionate about ballet but lets her self-consciousness hold her back. After the workshop, I went home and made myself comfortable on the chaise longue with tea and my laptop. There were many new cats in the database. One red-and-white male, 1 year old, everything sounded ideal. But I didn’t like the expression on his face. That sounds very superficial. Yet it happened with many cats I looked at, and I just can’t imagine having an unlikeable cat and being able to love it. Maybe if I got to know it, I would love it with all my heart. But I moved on. There was a BEAUTIFULLY coloured purebred cream tabby cat, British Shorthair, right age and everything, but he looked TOO cute, he had no dignity left. And there were tons of kittens who were just too young. Kittens need other kittens, and I don’t have time or money for two kittens. And then I found Finn. The name in the title of the advertisement caught my eye. ‘Hey, there is a cat already named Finn! Let’s have a look.’ Finn is white and dark grey, and he is already four years old. His current owner wrote that she wanted to find a good home for him because he wasn’t happy with her, he wanted to go outside! There were pictures, and he not only looks beautiful and cute, but intelligent. At first I thought: He’s beautiful, even if he isn’t ‘my’ Fin. He looks like a real character. And then I got really excited, and wrote to the owner straight away, telling her about myself and asking about Finn. While making dinner, I kept checking for answers, and she answered very soon, providing some backstory for Finn. He used to belong to a friend of hers, where he could go outside. A cat-hating neighbour attacked him with pepper spray, which he barely survived, so he was taken by the lady, about a year ago. She lives beside a main road, so at first she didn’t let him out, and he was unhappy. She also has two other cats, one of them quite young, and he doesn’t get on with them very well. After the attack, his character stayed the same, she said. He is very friendly and likes to cuddle, but doesn’t necessarily like other cats, and he loves to roam about outside all day long. He’s healthy and clean, neutered of course, and sounds in every way ideal for me. I had by then already decided to take him if she would give him to me. I’d already fallen in love with him. At night, I dreamed of the over-cute cream-coloured purebred, who was somehow ‘my Fin’, and reproached me for betraying him. When I woke up, however, I felt that Finn was now ‘my Finn’, and I was happy.

Here he is, isn’t he gorgeous? I’ll visit him soon, and if everything goes well, he will move in by Christmas!

'My Finn'

‘My Finn’

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3 Responses to Finding a Cat

  1. RO says:

    Aaaahwwww he’s such a cutie!!!!

  2. The Dancing Rider says:

    What a sweetheart! Very pretty (in a handsome way, of course)! So glad you have found one, and so quickly. They are wonderful companions.

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