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Some Things that Changed (not for the Better)

When I was fat, I went to ballet summer courses that were too fast for me, to inspire and challenge myself. I carried a Prix de Lausanne bag. I wore thick slipper socks to warm up. I stayed after class … Continue reading

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Pure Potential

I have been thinking some more about this new feeling, this energy or inspiration. And I have realised that it is mostly, as I said, a longing, wanting, a desire. I long for motion, for expression, for love and for … Continue reading

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Manon and Unexpected Beauty

The weather is stormy this morning. The wind stirs up my soul. I want to go ouside and feel it on my skin. I want music. Melina and I went to see the live screening of Manon from the Royal … Continue reading

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Good Weekend

I wore my dress all day Saturday and on Sunday morning, too. The (mostly older) ladies in ballet class and especially CBT, who was substituting, all exclaimed in delight when they saw me. I was wearing my tight black ballet … Continue reading

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