New Things and a New Correction

I’m so close to my goal weight. Only two pounds to go. I weighed 152 lb. today (69 kg). That’s exactly half of my starting weight. It’s hard to imagine that I have halved my body mass. When I reach 150, I will take new progress pictures and make a big blog post with before and after photos, weight graphs etc., the way I did when I lost the first 100 pounds. But I won’t stop yet. There is still a lot of fat on me that I’d like to lose. I may take a break over Christmas and be a little more relaxed about it, but I already have a new goal weight of 60 kg (roughly 130 lb.).


 Here are some things I’m seeing that I never thought I’d see:

-Gaps between my fingers

-Ribs, vertebrae and muscles on my back

-Ribs on my chest and sides

-A waist that is smaller than my ribcage

-Muscles on my arms

-Veins sticking out on my arms

-Muscles on my thighs and calves

-Shoulders that are wider than my hips!


Things I heard yesterday when I went shopping that I never thought I’d hear:

“This watch is too large for such a small wrist as yours”

“We don’t have this ring in smaller sizes”

“This dress is too large, let me get you a size Small”

I did buy the ring anyway, even if it means it will have to be made smaller, because it is perfect for me. I have wanted a ring for some time now, either a wide silver ring or one with a dark stone. The one I found has a flat oval dark blue goldstone that looks like a starry night sky. It’s very much ‘me’. I can’t imagine any version of me that would not love the stars. Now I’ll wear them on my finger. I can’t wait to get the ring resized so I can wear it.

I also got two new dresses. One is a dark blue lace dress and the other is a pinafore dress with a black and white pattern that looks like wallpaper. The last one is still a little tight, but it was on sale and I had to have it. I’ll stop with the clothes for a while now until my bank account has recovered. Clothes and shoes are an entirely new area for which I have to develop self-control. It’s just so much fun to try on things and make myself look good!


I’m wearing leotards to ballet class now! Two black ones that I ordered arrived last Thursday and they both fit me reasonably and make my back and neck and upper chest look gorgeous. After two classes where I had to adjust the shelf bra after every exercise, I gave in and also bought a dance bra with a matte, clear strap in the back. The strap is visible (something I detest), but better than the alternative. I always saw those bras in the catalogue and never thought I’d fit into such a thing one day. It’s even a size Medium! And the little support it offers is enough. Who would have thought that I’d ever get to write this. (In fact, I think my bosom is too small now.) But yes, the leotards: they have long sleeves and a pinch at the front and show a lot of skin in the back. I still feel naked wearing them. Miraculously, the part of my back that is visible doesn’t have any stretch marks or loose skin. It looks good, even; when I move you can see the bones and muscles in my shoulders and the vertebrae and ribs when I bend over. I have noticed that I try to use the back more and pull up really well to make it look as good as possible. It’s pure vanity, but at least it helps my technique. I still wear black leggings over the leotard, though. I’m not brave enough for tights yet.


Franca has given me a new correction last week that I will have to work on for some time. She told me to pull up my legs more now that I can. She said I wasn’t sitting or bending the leg, but not pulling up fully from the heel, the thigh and around the hip. She also said that if I managed to do this, I would finally have stable turns and a better relevé. ‘Maybe you will feel it better when you are on pointe’ was another thing she said. She wants me to start when I reach my goal weight. I am not working on relevés as much as I could, but have still improved a little. I’m sure GFT would say I am not ready for pointe yet. Objectively, I am more ready than most adult beginners I have seen regarding general technique, but it would be better to have more strength and flexibility. I think that I will get fitted for pointe shoes when I reach the weight and start very slowly with strengthening exercises at the barre. If I find shoes that work. I’m a little scared. It’s so close…

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