Second Pointe Shoe Fitting – And A Thought

I’ve had my first pair of Pointe shoes for over three months and they feel good, still supportive and not really painful. Maybe a little wider and softer. The left foot is a bit narrower and more flexible and (I think) stronger. Sometimes, I sank into the shoe on that foot. After I switched the padding to a cut-off sock toe and a bit of lamb’s wool on the left, everything was fine again.

Official Pointe class is half an hour on Wednesdays and I semi-regularly practiced twice a week for a few minutes on my own. It’s not ideal. Franca pushes me quite a lot and I often feel as if I needed to do the exercises more slowly to feel in control. I still don’t like Pointe. I do get better up onto the box and am stronger, but I’m constantly frustrated by the shape of my feet. Stiff ankles that can’t ‘wing’, limited turnout and a very tapered outer side make them look pretty ghastly most of the time. They tend to get ‘sickle-y’ when I move and the box twists, so I have to push my feet straight into the shoes and try to wing and push over the shoe after each exercise. Then two weeks ago, I suddenly felt as if the left shoe didn’t support me anymore. It was very slight, but it told me that the shoes wouldn’t last much longer. It’s interesting. I’ve been reading about pointe shoes for years, but never personally experienced the sensation of a dying shoe.

I had already tried to get a fitting appointment with the ballet teacher and shop owner from A, but she never replied. Since I felt that I couldn’t wait any longer, I went to the ballet shop here in the city. Franca said they had a small selection of shoe models and bad fitters, but Melina once had a good fitting with a girl called Sandra, so I asked for her. She is young but seemed to know more than the other shop assistants who don’t dance. I think this Sandra does ballet and has pointe shoes of her own. She didn’t let me try on Gaynor Minden, saying they were ok for recreational students but not suitable if I wanted to build real strength. She also didn’t give me any Grishkos, saying that they were too hard. I tried on a few models and came away with the Bloch Balance European. This shoe felt good and made my feet look much better than the Gambas. I didn’t sickle at all! I never knew my feet could look like that. They looked so good in the shop mirror that I may even post a picture of them here one day. Here are the shoes:

Second Pair of Pointe Shoes: Bloch Balance European

Second Pair of Pointe Shoes: Bloch Balance European

Now, after the first class, I am no longer so utterly in love with these shoes. It is true that they stay straight on my feet, but now my left foot looked more sickled, I had trouble getting over the box, and my big toe joints hurt quite a bit towards the end. Oh well… You can’t expect to find the perfect shoe right away. They are a little better than my first pair. We’ll see how they behave once they soften a bit more.


Just a short thought I wanted to write down (that has nothing to do with ballet): Regarding relationships, there has been another change in the way I see my current situation. For some months, I was feeling negative, lonely, invisible, old and unattractive. Everybody seemed to have love except me. But a few days ago, this suddenly changed, and I thought: I am gloriously free! I have no regrets, no sad memories, I’m not missing somebody or hating somebody or constantly thinking about somebody. Apart from being happily in love, this is the best way things could be. I’m not sad about being lonely at the moment. I can see the good side of my situation. This is the ‘making peace with where we are to allow us to get to where we want to go’. I’ve always tried to see it this way, but now I truly do. I’m glad I’m still single. The person I was a few months ago is not the person I am today. If I had found a lover then, I suppose we wouldn’t be a good match now. It’s better to wait and be free.

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1 Response to Second Pointe Shoe Fitting – And A Thought

  1. Olivia says:

    I am glad to read you are less burdened by negative thoughts- and so happy you are finding success en pointe 🙂

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