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Yep. I’m In Love

Arrrgh! It was so weird meeting Tom yesterday. Was he really the same person who kissed me that night? Had that really happened? In the daylight, I felt shy looking at him. It was too close somehow. I was nervous … Continue reading

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First Kiss

I went to meet Tom at his University building last night. My hair had a good day and looked very beautiful, falling more heavily than usual, so I wore it loose over my down coat. Thankfully, I just fit into … Continue reading

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Approaching My First Kiss, Maybe

Two Days Before: Tom’s birthday is coming closer and with it the day I will probably lose the utter innocence or untouched-ness I have lived with for thirty years. It wasn’t by choice that it lasted that long. But now … Continue reading

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Two Days

Thursday: I feel as if I should be happier than I am, as if I should have boundless energy and sweet daydreams about Tom, but I don’t. Yesterday, I even felt exhausted and unmotivated at work and skipped ballet to … Continue reading

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