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A Week Of Tom

Monday: Tom came only a few minutes after me. He brought clothes and toiletries and books to keep in my flat, and we cooked and ate dinner. We both agreed that we were happy and excited to spend more time … Continue reading

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We Talked

Friday: Tom and I finally talked about physical intimacy yesterday. Even though I had said I couldn’t take the first step, I started talking about it. It happened like this: Since this was the last night Tom would spend with … Continue reading

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Something New

I just wrote about Tom, and it seems to me that he is all I write about lately. It’s just that he is a huge and very new aspect of my life, and I spend a lot of time either … Continue reading

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I saw Tom again last Thursday for the first time in nine days. We haven’t been apart for that long in ages, so I was slightly nervous before he came and had to get used to him again. It struck … Continue reading

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