A Milestone Day

So, I had four days off from work last week and Tom had no work at the casino, so he could spend the time with me. On Thursday, we slept long, had a cosy breakfast and then Tom sat on my bed to read for University while I cooked and baked in the kitchen. After a late lunch, we were tired and wanted to take a short nap, but ended up sleeping for hours. My plan of going for a long run was ruined, so I just ran the short way to my parents to get a window cleaner from them and talk over our plan. The plan was to finally come for a visit with Tom and introduce him to the family. Dinah was away and could not make any trouble and we all had time, so we agreed to meet on Saturday. Tom and I ate dinner and then went to bed. There we talked a little about meeting our families. Tom had decided to visit his mother on Saturday as well, so we would have two visits back to back. We were both nervous for both visits, for different reasons, but both also looking forward to it a little.

On Friday, after another cosy breakfast, Tom went to work at University and I tried to work off my huge to-do list, but managed only a part of it. Anyway, I went to ballet class at AS and then did cardio and for the first time in weeks felt that old passion again, and felt like myself, independent of Tom. It helped my self-esteem. Tom and I met at the cafeteria for dinner and there was a very filling meal that night, which made us tired. After getting ready for bed (I was wearing my new nightdress which is very comfortable and pretty, and Tom thinks the same) and half-heartedly caressing each other for some time, we both fell asleep like logs. Tom half apologised the next morning, saying he hadn’t planned falling asleep so soon. Did he mean to say he had wanted to explore making love, or was that only my idea? He didn’t tell and I didn’t ask, but it was ok for me the way it was. It even made it easier to meet our families the next day with the knowledge that I was technically still a virgin, whatever anybody might imagine about us.

So, we come to Saturday, the Day of Milestones, as I call it. After waking up, Tom confessed that he was very nervous. He always gets nervous about everything and has physical symptoms, while I am usually only a little anxious, but can distract myself well and eat and sleep normally. I went to ballet class in the morning as usual, and Tom went to University again to get some more work done and take his mind off things. At lunch, Tom could hardly eat. I made myself pretty and we packed the cakes and flowers we wanted to bring. We were a few minutes early and sat down on the bed side by side. Tom was wearing a navy blue shirt that was very becoming, and I wore my beloved white polka dot blouse with the frills and black pinafore dress. I told him he was beautiful and I was proud of him, and he said the same to me. We walked to the bus station hand in hand. Tom was taking deep breaths now and again and I felt guilty for putting him through this, but he is a grown-up man and had told me he wanted to come, so there was no reason for feeling guilty. Waiting any longer would not make it better.

At my parents’ home, we stood on the step and looked at each other for a moment and then rang the bell. As expected, Mother talked a lot, my father tried to make jokes and Sissy was her usual lively self. Tom didn’t get to say much, but there were no awkward silences or strange moments. We stayed for coffee and ate the cake I had made and talked around the kitchen table. I showed Tom the snake and my old room. Then Father lent us their car to drive to Tom’s mother, who lives an hour away. Tom wasn’t used to the car and hadn’t driven in years, but nevertheless drove well and confidently, especially once we were out of the city. I found that very attractive. It was a lovely day and wonderful to be out in the country, to see the big sky and fresh green everywhere. Tom said he liked Sissy and had thought my father funny, and he already knows Mother from Christmas anyway, so I was glad the first half of the endeavour had been successful.

Now it was my turn to be nervous. We rang the bell and walked up the stairs. There was Tom’s mother and sister, and their two small dogs, waiting at the door to their flat. His mother is short and has white hair, and a motherly, quiet air. His sister, the one with the eating disorder, is also very short and quite thin. Her face resembles Tom’s very much, with the same wide jaw, similar nose, same eyes. Their flat was modern and large with a spectacular view, but I didn’t like the furniture. Tom introduced me. He hadn’t even told his mother my name before. He had just written that he would bring his girlfriend. He had also never brought home his previous girlfriends, so this was very special for everybody. We sat down in the living room and talked a little. His mother asked us where we had met, and after looking at Tom to see if he was ok with it, I told her we had met online, but didn’t mention the dating agency. She told me she had been very curious to meet me, as Tom had written that he had ‘met a wonderful woman’. I was very touched and flattered at hearing that.

After some time, we went over to the dining table and ate dinner. I was asked a few things, about where I grew up, my family, my job. They were impressed with my job, but I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the nature of my job or the fact that I had studied at University. Tom is the only academic of the family. They also talked about Tom’s other sister, her children, some cousins and his grandmother. Apparently, his grandmother has a special nickname for Tom that I found adorable. It got a bit awkward when we told how Tom practically lives with me now, (even though we can’t truly live together in my tiny flat and haven’t talked about moving in together). It is too early for that, and we just enjoy things as they are now, but they didn’t know that. We also mentioned that we both don’t like children very much. Again, we have never explicitly talked about a future together, but we both rather lean towards not wanting to have children, no matter with whom. Tom’s mother asked him a little about his work at University, but doesn’t seem to be able to understand what he really does. To be fair, he didn’t try to explain, either. I once went to the loo, and in that time his mother apparently asked Tom how old I was and what religion I belong to, because my parents come from different religions. I am five months older than Tom, but thankfully not religious.

Anyway, my impression was that his mother is a warm-hearted woman who likes me, loves Tom very much, and would like to see him more often. He hadn’t visited her for nine months or so. When we said goodbye, his mother gave me a hug. Tom later said I had done well and apparently made a good impression. I had felt a little overdressed and worried that I might appear arrogant, but I’m only shy.

We drove home under the pink sunset clouds, talking about our impressions. I have a better picture of Tom now that I have met his mother and sister. And seeing him drive really impressed me, too. All in all, it was a successful day. At home, Tom opened a small bottle of cider and we shared it, drinking a toast to successfully having ‘met the parents’.


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1 Response to A Milestone Day

  1. Steph says:

    Very nice! I’m proud of you both. My sister and parents are visiting this weekend and will be meeting my boyfriend for the first time. I’m actually more nervous about my sister than my parents, because I’m closer to her and care more what she thinks. I think they’ll all like him, but he’s very shy, so I’m nervous that they won’t get to see much of what I love about him. Anyway, congratulations on your milestone, and as always, I look forward to hearing more. 🙂

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