Anniversary Of Our First Kiss

I had a day off work last week and Tom’s birthday was the day before and I was looking forward to it so much, it felt like the last week before the holidays all week. It was also our anniversary as a couple, as we both count from that night… Has it really been a year since we first kissed? I’ve relived that moment so many times and we have talked about it often, so it seems still fresh in my mind.

Anyway, I had ordered a tiny raclette set and bought and prepared everything to surprise Tom with raclette, a meal he loves. I had also got a tiny bottle of champagne and made a cake for him, just like the one he’d always had as a little boy. I showered and dressed nicely and was boiling the potatoes when Tom came home. He liked the surprise and we opened the champagne and drank a toast to us. The meal was very nice, too. We both hadn’t eaten raclette for years and enjoyed it very much. After that, we walked over to the church terrace where I had ‘given’ him my very first kiss. It was just as cold and almost as cloudy as last year, and the university tower was lit up just the same way. We kissed in the same spot and held each other close and told each other, ‘I love you’. This time, my kiss was not awkward, and we laughed about the fact. I remembered how strange that first kiss had felt, not electrifying like in my dreams, and more forceful. Tom said he had maybe kissed me a little roughly then because we had been nervous. We walked back and the Christmas lights glowed on the balcony of my house, just like last time. I had also made sure to hang up the star in the kitchen window.

Back at home, I lit the candle on the cake (one for turning thirty-one, as well as one year with me) and Tom opened his gifts. As I had feared, the American football jersey I had bought for him was too short. He didn’t seem too disappointed and said I could get him a bigger one for Christmas. Then I also gave him a little action figure of Harley Quinn, more as a joke. He said that he had been wondering whether I would dress up as Harley Quinn, apparently from something I had said. But no… I have neither the figure nor the confidence and would only look ridiculous. Anyway, he said I was his greatest gift.

He also apologised for not giving me a gift for our anniversary, but the thought had honestly never even crossed my mind (and that’s saying a lot for me). It’s his birthday, after all. I already feel guilty for ‘taking away from it’ with the fact that it’s our anniversary. Yes, the whole concept of the kiss on his thirtieth birthday does seem romantic and memorable now, but if we ever break up, Tom will never be able to celebrate his birthday wholly ‘free’ from me. A shadow of me will always hover over it… But we are very far from breaking up! On the contrary, I feel more in love, closer and more comfortable with Tom than ever. We went to bed and cuddled and kissed and again held each other very close. Tom said he loved me more and more and I felt exactly the same. It had been a wonderful evening which left me so full of love and gratitude and happiness.


The next day, we slept in and Tom left for work after a cosy breakfast, while I went to AS for weight training, then went shopping in the city and treated myself to a delicious lunch. The scale had surprised me with a huge drop that morning, despite the cheese, so I felt even happier. At night, I went home to my family for dinner while Tom was back working in B. He will have two weekends off this month and I suggested bringing him for dinner one night. My parents and Sissy seem to like him, even though they hardly see him. Father even sent him a bottle of wine as a birthday present. Dinah at least knows he exists. Tom’s mother also likes me and wrote to Tom asking us to visit after Christmas. And his sister not only wished him a happy birthday, but also congratulated us on our anniversary.

We are both looking forward to Christmas very much. I will have ten days off work and we will have time. Tom also seems to have very fond memories of this time from last year. We had just begun our relationship and were getting closer, spending lots of time together, decorating the Christmas tree, for example, or watching Star Wars, or having our own little Christmas celebration where we both fell asleep and forgot to eat the cake… For Tom, who had spent the last few years working on Christmas, who had no such christmasy things as a tree, decorations or biscuits or even liked to spend much time with his family, it must have seemed like a lovely change to suddenly have all that, as well as a new girlfriend.

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