New Understanding Of Love

Since Tom’s birthday, I have felt a fresh wave of love for him. When I say love now, there are many different aspects I feel. There is gratitude (for every little thing about his presence and existence and the way he treats me). Intimacy (or a certain calm, security, companionship, trust). And just pure joy.

How could I ever think ‘love’ was just feeling flattered by attention? Yes, a part of love is the bliss of feeling loved, which enables or facilitates self-love. But there is more, there is a ‘giving’ part of it as well. I can now truly say that I love Tom deeply and want to be with him. I can be myself with him now, whether that be sad and struggling or excited or cuddly (or ‘cuddly’) or just blah. He says he loves me as I am and I can finally believe it and trust him (most days). I think a big part of it is that I am learning to be ok with myself. It feels as if I had grown another piece. Who knows if it is my personal growth which has allowed me to love differently or if it’s coincidence.

Tom said he felt even closer to me as well. I mused that so many people and the media say love is best during the first three months and then it’s hard to ‚make a relationship work’, but it hasn’t felt like this for us. Tom said maybe it was the fact that we took everything really slowly. I also mused that it might be different since our love grew on friendship and a genuine understanding and liking of each other, not just on attraction and passion. That came later, at least in my case. Maybe we’re not doing it the usual way, but it’s wonderful in this way.

About annalienor

Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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