A Night Out

It’s official (and by that I mean it isn’t just me, Tom said he feels the same): We’re definitely more in love since our anniversary on Tom’s birthday. I hadn’t thought it was possible, but I feel even closer to him, more at ease, more trusting, surer of being loved and loving him. I’m not sure why this is, all of a sudden, but it’s lovely.

Tom has two weekends off from the casino. On Friday, he worked late and I went to ballet, strength class and then to dinner with my family. Saturday morning was lovely because we were half woken by the message that ballet class with GFT was cancelled (I had dreaded it for body image/technique/soreness reasons), so we took our time getting up and having breakfast. Tom went home to do chores and cut his hair and I went shopping and washed and cleaned, as well as finally fixed the cat door, which took hours. Then I showered, dressed nicely and put on some make-up to go out with Tom.

We went into the old town, had dinner at McDonalds and then looked at some Christmas market stalls before going to the pretty café where we had spent our fourth(?) date. It wasn’t as cosy as it had been because there were more people and I had to sit on a footstool and there were no more pastries (to which I had been looking forward) left, and I felt suddenly boring and tongue-tied. But we were holding hands wearing our rings, sipping our drinks, occasionally kissing or just touching nose to nose. Tom suddenly said he had an idea, we might do something else we had done last year, namely go to the casino. It’s not the one where he works, and he was curious to see how many people there would be in this casino on a Saturday night in the city. It took me some time to adjust to the idea, but I felt dressed up enough to go, and didn’t want to stay in the café for hours anyway. So we went to the casino and played some roulette and lost everything, of course, but it was fun. It did feel very unlike me, very unreal and worldly and daring, and I imagined what anybody who knew me would think. I’ve never been drunk or danced in a club or done any other such thing, yet here I was, playing roulette in a casino! It was freezing cold on our way home and we walked the last part uphill, holding hands. At home, Tom kissed me and said he liked the fact that I was spontaneous and had gone with him, and later he also said that I was special and sweet and that he loved me. It had been a nice evening and really fun to go out with Tom again.

The next morning, we slept longer and then stayed in bed talking and cuddling for a long time. Finally, I got up and made fresh raisin buns for breakfast and after kissing goodbye at least ten times, Tom went to University to do some work. I settled down to cooking, cleaning and ironing like every Sunday, ate a little too much at lunch and promptly felt bad about it, and then the sun went down and I hadn’t run or walked or done anything… Still, I was looking forward to the evening with Tom. He felt much better and calmer for having studied and worked and we had a lovely meal and went to bed early.

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Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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