‘Showing Off The Boyfriend’

I had another very nice weekend with Tom. Friday night, I went to ballet and weight class as usual (the ballet teacher even praised me, saying I did everything correctly, and I had some decent turns), then ate a spinach pizza while Tom joined me and laughed about leaves getting stuck in my teeth. We slept longer on Saturday and I woke up because Tom cuddled up to me and was holding me. This was lovely; I felt so peaceful and safe and happy.

We had to get up soon, though, because I had ballet again, with GFT. I dreaded the class quite a bit because GFT is very strict and demanding and I always feel so ugly and clumsy. You do learn a lot in her class, though. It ended up being very cosy with three students and I was the best, so the exercises were not too hard and I left with my ego intact. Tom had gone shopping for shirts, then home to his own flat to cut his hair, while I went shopping in the city and also got some pretty socks and tights, then home to do the washing etc.

We were going to my family for dinner and for some reason I was looking forward to it so much. Tom and I are so happy together and I love him and also love my family and tell everybody about the other, so I felt as if I was showing off my family to my boyfriend and vice versa. Tom wasn’t too nervous this time, either. He wore one of his new shirts and looked very good. He almost forgot his ring, though, and even though I don’t want to be pushy, I reminded him of it, because showing our rings had been one of the things I had been looking forward to most. We went, and Father was still cooking, so I showed Tom some baby photos. My parents were very friendly, Father trying to make lots of jokes and Mother telling some stories, and they teased each other gently and generally put their best foot forward. Sissy was lovely, too, although she had to leave the table for a time to do some important work. Tom seemed at ease and liked the food and drank some wine, which my father liked, but he didn’t get to say much as my family was so lively and talkative.

I felt weird sitting next to Tom but hardly touching him, when I usually touch him all the time. So I did lean my head against his shoulder sometimes or showed some other signs of affection, but felt self-conscious because my parents don’t know me like this and it also seemed show-off-y towards Sissy who is single and might long for tenderness (as I had). Anyway, we stayed late and it seemed that everybody had had a good time. The only bad thing was the fact that Tom didn’t get to meet Tippy, Dinah’s poodle.

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Lover of beauty, adult ballet student, deliberate creator wannabe.
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