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Autumn Holidays And Milestone

Last week, I had some time off and spent it at home, doing things with June and Tom. Tom and I did lots of fitness classes (he has finally been successfully infected and now trains three times a week), slept … Continue reading

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A Big Step Nearer

This week has been really hard, but something wonderful has come out of it. Let’s just say that I reached a dead end again, combined with PMS or whatever it is…The week before, without doing anything, my weight dropped quite … Continue reading

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Close Shave?

Last night was a normal evening with Tom. We made dinner together and kissed or hugged occasionally. The night before, we had been passionate in the usual way and afterwards told each other how much we loved each other and … Continue reading

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Very Nice Birthday

This birthday was the best I’ve had for a long time. I woke up after a period of dozing and opened the shutters on a cool, rainy morning. Gina jumped onto the window sill and I gave her a treat … Continue reading

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