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I am not happy right now. Why? I hate myself, that’s why. And why do I hate myself? The first thing that comes to mind is my body, followed by my wealth and status, followed by my character and intellect. … Continue reading

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Musing On Misery (Or Something)

I felt acutely miserable this morning. As long as I could read or distract myself, it was bearable. There was ballet with GFT and I HAD to go because we were only two students, but I didn’t want to. I … Continue reading

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A Lot Of Thoughts

So much has happened in the six days that have passed since that weekend with Tom. I was busy at work until Thursday, and spent the evenings either training and exercising as usual or was kept busy with our Christmas … Continue reading

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So, It’s Been A Week Now

Monday: Tom and I keep writing to each other and telling each other how happy we are and how much we appreciate each other and revealing little things, for example that he sings more when he’s alone, and I can’t … Continue reading

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