People I write about

Since a few people follow my blog now (thank you!), I thought I’d make a list of people I write about. It must be confusing to have all those names and not know who they are. Will be updated if necessary


Mother, Mama or Mam

Father, Papa or Dad

Sisters: Dinah and Sissy (younger)

Dinah is quite shy and very thin. She doesn’t want to see me at the moment.

Sissy is the youngest, generous and outgoing.

Dog: Tippy, a grey poodle

Cat: Gina, my ginger tabby cat.

Boyfriend: Tom ❤

Former Friends:

Charlene: My sort-of best friend, but now we drift apart. I changed. I haven’t been in contact with her for years.

Marie: My other so-called friend. We hardly see each other. Very different from me. No contact for years.

Ballet classmates and friends:

June: Sweet, ambitious, working to be a professional dancer. Used to be Mandy’s protégé. She’s my best friend now.

Melina: From Franca’s school. Very sweet and friendly with me. Loves ballet, but lacks confidence. My second-best friend.

Smiley: Young. Flexible legs and natural jump. Always smiles. Friendly. Fan of GFT.

Goody-pointe-shoes or GPS: Very smug. I used to hate her, but now I don’t and we’re ‘friendly’.

Cool Blonde: Beautiful, thin, great posture and good technique. Friendly. Doesn’t take the same classes with me anymore.

Russian Girl: Nice body and talent for tours piqués. Sense of humour. Hardly ever comes to class now.

Bunny: Tiny sprightly know-it-all. Friendly. Likes classes that are too hard. I haven’t seen her for years.

Teresa: Very friendly, talks a lot. Has cancer, unfortunately. ETA: She died recently. She was only 23.

Tina: From Franca’s school. Used to be obese as well. It connects us.

Ballet teachers:

Franca: My ‘main’ teacher. Classes good, slow and methodical, but she’s not strict enough. Hardly ever praises. 2-3 times a week.

Belinda: Saturday mornings. Ex-pro and choreographer, good and rather strict teacher. Believes in me.

Mandy:  Gives useful corrections. Rather fast class. Demanding but can be charming. Often acts childish. 1-3 times a week.

Rosanna: Saturday afternoons. Ex-pro, very motivating and demanding. I don’t take her class at the moment.

Sika: At AS where classes are free, but with too many people. Ok. Friday evenings.

Samantha: Wonderful, advanced dancer. Sometimes classmate, sometimes substitute teacher for Mandy.

Cliché Ballet Teacher CBT: Hungarian ex-prima ballerina, very motivating, demanding. Deep voice and speaks many languages. Substitutes for Belinda.

Gorgeous French Teacher GFT: Ex-pro, legs to her ears, perfect body, with gorgeous way of moving. Very strict. Very good corrections. Substitutes for Belinda. And recently Sunday morning classes.

Summer Course Teacher: Fast class, great energy and sense of humour, teaches the week-long summer course which I took in 2012 and 2013.



Judy: Superior. Nice, works a lot. Can be insensitive.

Sandy: Very nice, a little insecure below the surface, a little lonely. She left.


Mrs. H: Movement analyst/sort of a therapist. Helped me LOTS. I’ve been going to her for years.

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