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A Lot Of Thoughts

So much has happened in the six days that have passed since that weekend with Tom. I was busy at work until Thursday, and spent the evenings either training and exercising as usual or was kept busy with our Christmas … Continue reading

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New Music, New Everything

Tom has introduced me to the music genre of symphonic metal. I really like it. It creates a mood within me that I used to feel years ago, but is also partly new. Epic, story-like, fantastic, dramatic, dreamy, a little … Continue reading

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Three Things, All Concerned With A Fresh Start

Spring has truly arrived. The apple trees outside my window blossomed overnight. The magnolias are already dropping their petals. Such lovely things, flowering magnolia trees, but so brief. I notice wisteria flowering everywhere and they always remind me of glimpses … Continue reading

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Manon and Unexpected Beauty

The weather is stormy this morning. The wind stirs up my soul. I want to go ouside and feel it on my skin. I want music. Melina and I went to see the live screening of Manon from the Royal … Continue reading

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