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Stumbling, But Forward

Tuesday: I have read about love, about falling in love and how it feels. Like a drug, like pain, like not being able to think of anything else. And then I thought I had fallen in love with Tom, I … Continue reading

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A Little Growth Spurt And A Daydream

Things have been… rather good. I have made progress in managing my emotions and behaviour. It still feels very fresh and strange, but it’s noticeable. I’m growing. I managed not to overeat or binge last weekend. This is a huge … Continue reading

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A Week in Pyne – Day 3: Crisis and Introspection

We decided to stay at home and be lazy, so that’s what we did. I woke up late, ate too much at breakfast and then walked/climbed/stumbled down a very steep and rocky path to the village where I posted my … Continue reading

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Some Moments

These are some ‘Moments’ from Pyne I want to remember. On the first morning, I went for a walk by myself before breakfast. I was listening to music, walking fast. It was sunny and beginning to get warm. I went … Continue reading

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