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Always Two Parts

I’m not sure how I am feeling these days. Not depressed any more, at least. Not very happy or confident or conscious, either. But I have almost no trouble with eating, which is a good indicator that nothing is seriously … Continue reading

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Last Weekend (With Tom)

I had eaten and showered and was dressed nicely, wearing a little lipstick, sitting by the window where I would see Tom walk by. I was writing a few last words when I saw him, but he wasn’t looking up … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts After My Diet Break

After the last post, I went back to weight loss. Even though I had said that the break was needed and that I was ok with a temporary weight gain, it was hard. I looked very fat. My stomach and … Continue reading

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Some Things that Changed (not for the Better)

When I was fat, I went to ballet summer courses that were too fast for me, to inspire and challenge myself. I carried a Prix de Lausanne bag. I wore thick slipper socks to warm up. I stayed after class … Continue reading

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