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This and That

Gina brought home a living mouse yesterday at six in the morning. I had to catch it and put it back outside and Gina didn’t see it and kept looking for it under the bed.    I keep dreaming about … Continue reading

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Two Parts Of A Calm Sunday

Part One It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting cozily in bed while Gina is stretched out across the chaise longue. She’s so pretty! A red tabby, but very lightly patterned, almost blonde. If only I could really stroke her. She … Continue reading

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Ramblings. But at least I’m writing again!

Well… Hello. I’m back to writing after more than three months of silence. When I stopped writing, things were quite bad. I was feeling increasingly negative and depressed. This continued for a time and then slowly things started to look … Continue reading

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Sad Ramblings on Cats

Miss M wrote back a few days ago, saying I could come for a visit on Saturday. Some hours later, she wrote again: something has come up, I’ll contact you later. Then silence. I was worried. Had something happened to … Continue reading

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