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Finding a Cat

I’m so excited! Things are moving fast. Two weeks ago, I decided to get a cat. And now, I have already found it! But let’s start at the beginning. Since the last blog post, I have been thinking about cats … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas

So, it’s Christmas. And I should be feeling happy and relaxed, but I don’t. I had intended to write a nice post about Christmas with a picture of our Christmas tree, and that would be it. But that would be … Continue reading

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I forgot to switch off my alarm clock yesterday, so now I’m wide awake since six o’clock on a Sunday! It’s just as well, because then I have some quiet time to write and drink tea in my cosy bed. There … Continue reading

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Change of Plans

There was daily, wonderful snow last week, but now it’s raining and I’m no longer feeling Christmas-y at all! On top of that, Mam told me we are probably going to spend Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s. Christmas Eve, eek! … Continue reading

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