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Dream Come True

There is a song that comes to my mind now and then. ‘Tell him,’ they sing, and, ‘Love will be the gift you give yourself.’ I thought of this yesterday when I sent Tom that make-or-break message. And when he … Continue reading

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A Little Growth Spurt And A Daydream

Things have been… rather good. I have made progress in managing my emotions and behaviour. It still feels very fresh and strange, but it’s noticeable. I’m growing. I managed not to overeat or binge last weekend. This is a huge … Continue reading

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Dear Diary: I Am Confused And Rambling

(I am writing down what happened, what I was thinking, everything. It’s long and rambling and detailed, a true journal entry with no other purpose.) Tom and I met again last night. It was the sixth date and we went … Continue reading

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Thoughts And Signs And Body

The thoughts about Tom don’t seem to get less. I think about him while I work, travel and before I fall asleep. It only stops when I have to really concentrate or when all thinking stops, for example in ballet … Continue reading

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