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Hurray, I’m Depressed

On Sunday evening, I felt miserable and vulnerable and was looking forward to seeing Tom on Monday as my only gleam of hope. At the same time, I hated myself for needing him and using him as a comfort, when … Continue reading

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Ramblings. But at least I’m writing again!

Well… Hello. I’m back to writing after more than three months of silence. When I stopped writing, things were quite bad. I was feeling increasingly negative and depressed. This continued for a time and then slowly things started to look … Continue reading

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First Almost-Private Among Many Other Things

The weather is colder this week, but something still makes me think of Italy all the time. And sometimes Brittany, where we went in 2011 or Turkey, where I went as a child. The leaves are still green on the … Continue reading

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Looooong Post

Thursday It’s past four o’clock and I’m sitting at my kitchen table with some coffee and my feet in an ice bath (because the top of my right foot and the bottom of my left foot are hurting off and … Continue reading

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