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Two Days

Thursday: I feel as if I should be happier than I am, as if I should have boundless energy and sweet daydreams about Tom, but I don’t. Yesterday, I even felt exhausted and unmotivated at work and skipped ballet to … Continue reading

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Endless Energy

The weekend is over. I weighed 160 lb. today. The cravings are back to normal. I still go back and forth between identifying as ‘fat’ and ‘normal’. Next to fat people, I feel guilty for being thinner and maybe making … Continue reading

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This and That

Gina brought home a living mouse yesterday at six in the morning. I had to catch it and put it back outside and Gina didn’t see it and kept looking for it under the bed.    I keep dreaming about … Continue reading

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Diary Post/Musings About Pyne

This is it. Tomorrow evening, we will leave for the lovely place I call Pyne, in Valais. It is one of my favorite places on earth and I have been looking forward to it for months. Though this year, Dinah … Continue reading

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