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Finn, Weight, Ballet, Tolkien…

Well, I’m still a little obsessed with cats. I look at Finn’s picture and check my e-mail several times a day. The current owner (I’ll call her Miss M for now) hasn’t written back since Monday. I suggested this Saturday … Continue reading

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Finding a Cat

I’m so excited! Things are moving fast. Two weeks ago, I decided to get a cat. And now, I have already found it! But let’s start at the beginning. Since the last blog post, I have been thinking about cats … Continue reading

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New Classes and Rest and June

Well… it happened. I am back in my strange mood. Not really depressed, but definitely feeling a little sad and hopeless. I did go to work so far, though, of which I am proud. I felt the mood coming on … Continue reading

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Nice Cosy Weekend

This Saturday, I had a really nice day. I got up early and did the whole Front Splits Program. I bought it on Friday, as a birthday present for myself, because I am sick of stretching  every day and only … Continue reading

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