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‘Rehearsal Date’, etc.

For the sixth of December, I have planned to bake ‘bread men’ (it’s a tradition here) and have thought about inviting Tom for the afternoon, even before the ‘big question’. I asked him on his birthday, at dinner before the … Continue reading

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Two Days

Thursday: I feel as if I should be happier than I am, as if I should have boundless energy and sweet daydreams about Tom, but I don’t. Yesterday, I even felt exhausted and unmotivated at work and skipped ballet to … Continue reading

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Here Goes

This morning while getting ready and having breakfast in my new kitchen, a thought came into my mind and it has become more than just a thought pretty fast: I thought about asking Tom directly if he wanted to be … Continue reading

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Dear Diary: I Am Confused And Rambling

(I am writing down what happened, what I was thinking, everything. It’s long and rambling and detailed, a true journal entry with no other purpose.) Tom and I met again last night. It was the sixth date and we went … Continue reading

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