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Taking Another Step

I have written about this topic before: the advantages of being single and never having loved. There is tremendous power in this state. I am unassailable by memories or news from ex-lovers because they don’t exist. There are all those … Continue reading

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Pure Potential

I have been thinking some more about this new feeling, this energy or inspiration. And I have realised that it is mostly, as I said, a longing, wanting, a desire. I long for motion, for expression, for love and for … Continue reading

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Endless Energy

The weekend is over. I weighed 160 lb. today. The cravings are back to normal. I still go back and forth between identifying as ‘fat’ and ‘normal’. Next to fat people, I feel guilty for being thinner and maybe making … Continue reading

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Late Summer Evening

Last night, after just having posted an entry on my blog, several very small but somehow significant things happened. As I had said, I was wearing clothes that flattered me, and my hair was up in a looser style with … Continue reading

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