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New Understanding Of Love

Since Tom’s birthday, I have felt a fresh wave of love for him. When I say love now, there are many different aspects I feel. There is gratitude (for every little thing about his presence and existence and the way … Continue reading

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Even More In Love

I need to write about last Monday night with Tom. It was special. The last few times he had visited, I had felt a little insecure with Tom and wondered if he really loved me and why. But last night was … Continue reading

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Tom And Work Converging

I had imagined Tom would want to spend every possible second with me as well, and maybe pick me up from work or time his arrival with my own. But he said he would come an hour after I finished … Continue reading

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Musing On Misery (Or Something)

I felt acutely miserable this morning. As long as I could read or distract myself, it was bearable. There was ballet with GFT and I HAD to go because we were only two students, but I didn’t want to. I … Continue reading

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