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So, It’s Been A Week Now

Monday: Tom and I keep writing to each other and telling each other how happy we are and how much we appreciate each other and revealing little things, for example that he sings more when he’s alone, and I can’t … Continue reading

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New Music, New Everything

Tom has introduced me to the music genre of symphonic metal. I really like it. It creates a mood within me that I used to feel years ago, but is also partly new. Epic, story-like, fantastic, dramatic, dreamy, a little … Continue reading

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Manon and Unexpected Beauty

The weather is stormy this morning. The wind stirs up my soul. I want to go ouside and feel it on my skin. I want music. Melina and I went to see the live screening of Manon from the Royal … Continue reading

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Endless Energy

The weekend is over. I weighed 160 lb. today. The cravings are back to normal. I still go back and forth between identifying as ‘fat’ and ‘normal’. Next to fat people, I feel guilty for being thinner and maybe making … Continue reading

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